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Published:February 1999
  • David Smitherman
  • Wallace McClure
  • Daniel A O'Neil
  • Lawrence R Young
  • Keith Calhoun-Senghor
  • Carl S Rappaport
  • Scott Pace
  • Neville Marzwell
  • John Spencer
  • Howard Wolff
  • Jerry Grey
  • Larry Rowell
  • Daniel O'Neil
  • Eric Stallmer
  • D O'Neil
  • John C Mankins
  • Ivan Bekey
  • Tom Rogers
  • E Stallmer
  • W Piland

This document is the second of two volumes that present the results of the Space Act Cooperative Space Travel and Tourism study conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Space Transportation Association during the past 3 yr.

Volume 1 contains the study's fundamental findings from the beginning of the study until the publication was released, and volume 2 the detailed findings of the multiday workshop conducted at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Please note that the members of each of the workshop sections conducted their studies independent of each other.

In the nature of things, there is some overlap in interest between some of the sections. Because the general public space travel and tourism area is so broad and novel, a decision was made not to eliminate any redundancies-the full range of section-by-section findings and recommendations is presented. Because of the differing backgrounds of the members of each section and their different study approaches, the form of each section's report differs somewhat from that of the others.

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