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Origin:The Sophron Foundation. June 8, 2000. Copyright © Interglobal Space Lines, Inc., 2000

Interglobal Space Lines, Inc., of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is pleased to present the results of a brief study, performed for the Sophron Foundation, on the prospects for utilizing existing, or almost-existing, assets to: demonstrate the market for; perform market and physiological research on; serve as pathfinders for legal and regulatory impediments to; and start to shift public and institutional opinion on the viability of; space tourism. Such a study is in keeping with the Sophron Foundation's chartered goal of promoting the increasing development of useful space activity.

This analysis states and considers the general requirements for the development of a robust space tourism business, including both industry (producing vehicles and orbital hotel facilities) and commerce (marketing and providing space tourism services). It focuses on the near term, examining vehicles that are either existing, or in the late stages of development, and matches up their capabilities against those requirements. Specifically, physiological requirements for passengers are preliminarily defined, per discussion with relevant FAA flight surgeons, regulatory, liability, and political issues are identified, and high-end market prospects are preliminarily analyzed.

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