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29 July 2012
Added "Space Debris and Its Mitigation" to the archive.
16 July 2012
Space Future has been on something of a hiatus of late. With the concept of Space Tourism steadily increasing in acceptance, and the advances of commercial space, much of our purpose could be said to be achieved. But this industry is still nascent, and there's much to do. So...watch this space.
9 December 2010
Updated "What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" to the 2009 revision.
7 December 2008
"What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" is now the top entry on Space Future's Key Documents list.
30 November 2008
Added Lynx to the Vehicle Designs page.
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Features / Power (Good)
22 May 2011 by G B Leatherwood
Solaren plans to make it happen
In 2009, Manhattan Beach, CA-based company Solaren, Inc. signed a contract with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to provide 200 megawatts (MW) of clean, reliable electrical power to customers at a rate comparable with existing power generation facilities.
Features / Habitat (Good)
19 August 2010 by
A thing of the past...or the future?
When you think of manned space flight, what comes to mind? For some, it’s images of astronaut candidates being tested for the “right stuff:” getting poked and prodded in myriad medical exams, climbing in and out of mock space capsules, and undergoing training in jungles and deserts...as well as being strapped into large centrifuges and subjected to crushing g-forces.
Features / Other (Good)
28 October 2008 by Sam Coniglio
And what this means for space tourism
Moffett Field, near San Jose, California, US -- On Saturday October 25, 2008 an airship flew into San Francisco Bay. Its graceful entrance over the Golden Gate Bridge marked the return of a classic form of travel not seen since before World War II. The Zepplin NT airship, built in Germany by Zepplin Luftschifftechnik GmbH, is a direct descendent of the giant airships which were a familiar sight in the 1920's and 30's.
Features / Vehicles (Good)
8 August 2002 by Alan Breakstone
You'll believe an armadillo can fly
In Mesquite, Texas, a small group of technicians and enthusiasts is quietly working to open space to the general public. Armadillo Aerospace is one of a growing number of start-up ventures attempting to accomplish what NASA and the big aerospace companies refuse to do: send paying passengers from all walks of life into space to find their destiny or to have a bit of fun.
Features / Vehicles (Good)
15 May 2002 by Carol Pinchefsky
The leading edge of Japanese rocketry
From a conversation with Professor Yoshifumi Inatani
Features / Tourism (Good)
7 April 2002 by Patrick Collins
Great description of experiencing weightlessness on the Art Bell site
In an illustrated article “Learning to Fly, Strip, and Vomit on a 727”, Penn Jillette gives a wonderfully zany description of the thrill of floating in weightlessness here. (It also describes how, until aviation authorities finally certify companies to offer these services through commercial ticket sales, it’s possible to ‘get round’ regulations by becoming a ‘company employee’, as the author did along with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, among others.)
Features / Tourism (Good)
17 October 2001 by G B Leatherwood
It's not just where you go, it's where you start from, too
by G. B. Leatherwood
Features / General (Good)
28 December 1998 by Patrick Collins
Knowing as we do that passenger space travel, and particularly space tourism, is going to become the largest, economically most important activity in space, we are pleased to recognise that 1998 has been an exceptionally good year, with a number of key successes.
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