22 September 2008
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Space Frontier Foundation Gets Poetic
A look at the SFF's space poetry magazine
by G B Leatherwood
The newest project of the Space Frontier Foundation is poetry in motion. Or at least in print.

The Foundation recently established an online literary magazine dedicated to space poetry, called The Cosmos Review. “The magazine,” stated the announcement, “features classic poems from ancient Greece to contemporary voices of poetry, all related in some way to the cosmos.”

The project is headed by prize-winning novelist and poet, Vanna Bonta, a Foundation Advocate with a lifelong dedication to poetry and a passion for the cosmos. Bonta is noted for creating the genre of quantum fiction with her novel Flight, a blend of fantasy and science that blurs the supposed barriers between the solid world of matter and the ephemeral world of the intellect.

The first two issues of The Cosmos Review (Spring and Summer 2008) have been released with a rich content of poetry, philosophy, letters to and from the editor, and an excellent tutorial on the craft of writing poetry, titled “Nuts and Bolts, Iambs and Trochees; Poetry Tech, Shop Talk: The Science of Poetry,” which demonstrates how much structure there is to poetry and how relevant that structure is to our understanding of the cosmos.

In her first “Letter from the Editor,” Bonta gives her reason for her passion:
“Wherever we end up as a species, the language, the customs, even the physical bodies, may in some future be a long stretch from what we can imagine now as human … but my guess is, the poetry will be alive, and poetry is the catalyst that will get us there.

We look forward to your poetry.”

Foundation co-founder and Chairman of the Board Bob Werb said about the new publication, “There are fantastic opportunities awaiting us in the boundless space frontier. Poetry has always been at the forefront of society’s vision and inspiration, and the Foundation is proud to announce this new project.”

The Cosmos Review's website can be found here.
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G B Leatherwood 22 September 2008
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