9 July 2008
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Virgin America Contest
Winners get trip to see WhiteKnight2 rollout
by Carol Pinchefsky
On July 28, 2008, Virgin Galactic will be rolling out WhiteKnight2 in the Mojave desert.

To celebrate the event, members of Virgin America’s frequent flyer club, EleVAte, are invited to participate in a contest. One lucky winner will be flown out on Virgin’s dime to the unveiling. Hopefuls have to fill out a form and answer the question, “What is the first thing you would do in weightlessness.”

The contest specifies, “Travel from anywhere in the US, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation will be provided. Your trip will commence on July 27th, with the roll-out on July 28th. You will be provided lodging on the evening of the 27th.”

Flying Virgin America isn’t nearly as stylish as flying Virgin Galactic, but until the 28th, it’ll have to do.

For more information on joining Elevate, see the Virgin America website. Contest information can be found here.
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Carol Pinchefsky 9 July 2008
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