23 August 1995
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ISS Needs Women!
Businesswoman becomes next space tourist
by Carol Pinchefsky
American-Iranian businesswoman Anousheh Ansari will be the next space tourist to travel to the International Space Station. Ansari will be replacing Japanese businessman Daisuke Enomoto, who did not pass his physical examination.

According to a BBC article, Ansari has "also spearheaded a new family venture called Prodea to develop a line of air-launched suborbital vehicles in partnership with Virginia-based Space Adventures, as well as spaceports in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore to launch them."

The flight, which is scheduled for 14 September 2006, has been prepared for months in advance; Ansari may have to eat the meals requested by Enomoto.
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Carol Pinchefsky 23 August 1995
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