9 September 2005
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X-Prize Cup Expo
A showcase of private spaceflight
by Alan Breakstone
by Alan Breakstone

The Ansari X-Prize Foundation will be holding its first X-Prize Cup Spaceflight EXPO in Las Cruces, New Mexico on October 9th. While no tourist flights to space are possible from Las Cruces this year, the event will showcase post-SpaceShipOne progress in private spaceflight.

The Spaceflight EXPO will include the following activities:

* Multiple flights of Armadillo Aerospace's vertical take-off/vertical landing rocket vehicle.
* Two flights of XCOR?s EZ-Rocket manned atmospheric rocketplane.
* Full-scale engine firing of Starchaser?s LOX/Kerosene engine, eventually to be used on Starchaser's suborbital tourist craft.
* Drop tests of the DaVinci Starfire vehicle.
* Full-scale replicas of SpaceShipOne, the Canadian Arrow, and other private passenger spacecraft.

More information on the exposition and on attending it are at www.xpcup.com.
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Alan Breakstone 9 September 2005
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