28 September 2004
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Beyond-Earth Enterprises on the Road to Space
Amethyst rocket reaches 9400 feet
by G B Leatherwood
FREDERICK, OK-Beyond-Earth Enterprises, a Colorado Springs-based small payload sub-orbital launch company, proudly announces the successful launch and recovery of the first rockets of the Gem Series of launch vehicles at the Capps Space Science Center in Frederick, OK, on Saturday, September 25th.

The Amethyst rocket reached an altitude of 9437 feet then deployed two parachutes to bring it safely back to the recovery team in Frederick. The Sapphire rocket left the pad at mach 1.5, reaching an altitude well over 15,000 feet. The Sapphire rocket tested a larger engine design than the one used on Amethyst. It deployed a different parachute package and was also fully recovered by the ground team in Frederick.

These flights were considered a success by the Beyond-Earth team and the people of the Capps Space Science Center. The tests showed that multiple launches can be accomplished in a single day, using the infrastructure available in Frederick. They demonstrated that the teams from different companies and locations can work together to launch and recover the commercial payloads that Beyond-Earth will launch.

Joe Latrell, CEO of Beyond-Earth Enterprises says the company is highly motivated to encourage the average American to reach for space again. "We're on the Road to Space. With the great support we're receiving from the City of Frederick, we're now ready to pursue funding and start marketing to the public. We want [the public] to see that they can send something to space -- soon."

Both rockets of the Gem series of Launch Craft -Mission One (LC-MO01-03) carried a simulated payload of student contest entries, commercial test materials, and other memorabilia.


About Beyond-Earth Enterprises--Originally an X-Prize competitor, Beyond-Earth is leading the way to commercialization of space by providing small payload launch capabilities at affordable rates. Beyond-Earth officers are committed to revitalizing the American Public's interest in Space and conducts educational demos and lectures at area schools. The company is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado with launch facilities Frederick Oklahoma. Additional information can be found here.
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G B Leatherwood 28 September 2004
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