22 August 2004
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We're Pleased to Introduce Space Future Japan
Space Future's New Website
by Carol Pinchefsky
Space Future has expanded to a new website: Space Future Japan. On the Web at http://www.spacefuturejapan.com/ or http://www.uchumirai.com/, Space Future Japan will provide unique content in the Japanese language, aimed at the over 127 million people who live in Japan. (‘Uchumirai’ is ‘Space Future’ in Japanese).

Dr. Patrick Collins, co-founder of the original Space Future and senior partner of Space Future Consulting, is the brains behind the new site. An English-born Japanese resident, he recognized the need to provide the Japanese public with focused information about space tourism in their own language. Space Future, http://www.spacefuture.com/, has been providing Space Tourism information to the public in English since 1997

According to Dr. Patrick Collins, "Developing passenger space travel services can reduce launch costs so much that anyone who flies in an aeroplane will be able to take a trip to space. Once launch costs are low, many new activities will be feasible in space, making endless economic growth possible. We need to tell you this because, sadly, space agency staff will not—because it is not in their self-interest. But, as everyone knows, governments often work against the interests of the public. So I hope you will use this knowledge to force the government to change its space policy to contribute to economic growth instead of just being a burden on taxpayers."

Visit Space Future Japan at www.uchumirai.com.
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Carol Pinchefsky 22 August 2004
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