21 August 2001
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Art Exhibit in Pennsylvania
Life in the 22nd Century: An Exhibit by Roy Scarfo
An art exhibit that may pique the interest of Space Future readers will have a private showing on September 1, 2001, in Downingtown, PA. These illustrations include visions of spaceports, cities in space, and orbital hotels; all of these images were extensively detailed and researched. This showing demonstrates the that space is a realm of creativity for artists as well as scientists, one that fascinates the public.

Below is the press release.

Downingtown, PA - An exhibit of thirty-two illustrations that produces a picture of motels, hotels, and cities in space and beneath the oceans will soon be available. Science fiction? "Not so," states Scarfo, originator of the exhibit. "Travelers are lined up for tours into space. A hotel entrepreneur is investing over $500 thousand to study expanding his chain into a lunar realm. Other major investors are planning to back space travel. Landings have been made on asteroids, and we expect to be on Mars within twenty years."

The exhibit is based upon revolutionary break-through developments taking place today. Spaceports, aerospaceplanes that take off horizontally carrying two to three hundred passengers, orbital space hotels, lunar villages, and cities on Mars are only a part of the exhibit. Spending a night or two at a space motel, or at an undersea motel experiencing the beauties and wonders of the ocean deep, are also shown as possible forerunners of space and undersea cities of the

Inside-out worlds with populations of 10,000 to a million people created in hollowed asteroids, spaceships larger than the Queen Mary, a lunar city with universitites, sports complexes and even a site for the first Lunar Olympics are shown in the exhibit.

The exhibit "Future Civilizations in Space" is based upon the book _Beyond Tomorrow_ by Dr. Dandridge M. Cole and Roy Scarfo. It is the product of many years of careful factual scientific study and evaluation concerning the future of mankind. Many prominent scientists have made contributions to many of the illustrations originated by Roy Scarfo, one of America's most prominent futuristic thinkers and space artists.

Scarfo has been described as "a citizen of the firmament of man's imagination and of the worlds beyond." For sixteen years he was the creative art director for General Electric's Space Division. He was a science and space art consultant/illustrator for The New York Times for over ten years. Scarfo has collaborated with many of our country's scientists such as Werner von Braun, Isaac Asimov, Willy Ley, and Dr. Dandridge M. Cole. His concepts have appeared in over forty books and in every prominent magazine and newspaper throughout the world including his own book _Beyond Tomorrow_. His TV credits include _The Sky Beyond_, _The 20th Century_ and _The 21st Century_ with Walter Cronkite, and the TV one-hour special based on Alvin Toffler's bestseller _Future Shock_. Scarfo's first exhibit _Beyond Tomorrow_ opened the International Space Hall of Fame in Alamagordo, New Mexico.

The exhibit _Future Civilizations in Space_ is inspiring yet frightening, scientifically plausible yet emotionally staggering. It is for those who are interested in hopes and dreams and who care what happens to civilized society, to their children and to the human race in the tomorrow and beyond.

The exhibit will open with a private showing at the Scarfo Gallery in Downingtown, PA, on September 1, 2001, before going on tour.

For additional information please contact Carol Scarfo.
Phone/fax: 610-269-5406; email: scarfo@verizon.net
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21 August 2001
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