11 June 2001
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Going Public 2001
3rd STA Space Travel and Tourism Conference
by Peter Wainwright
The Space Travel and Tourism Division of the Space Transportation Association hold their third annual one-day space tourism conference, Going Public 2001, in Washington on the 25th of June:

"Going Public 2001"
Moving Toward The Development Of A Large Space Travel And Tourism Business

Monday June 25, 2001
Caucus Room (345), Cannon Office Building,
Corner of C and 1st Streets, SE, Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.
Capitol South Metro Station

The full announcement and conference program can be found on the STTD website.

Conference program in brief:
  • Introductory Remarks: Eric Stallmer, President, STA
  • Keynote Speaker - Tom Rogers, Chief Scientist, STA
  • Session I, A Series of Special Reports
    • Dr. Yoshi Funatsu
    • Dr. Patrick Collins
    • Dr. Geoffrey Crouch
    • Dr. Angie Bukley
    • Paola Favata
  • Session II, Overview of STTD Programs
  • Session III, STTD Enabling Committees Reports
    • Market Identification and Development
    • Technology/Operations
    • Medical Science and Psychology
    • Regulatory
    • Legal
    • Finance/Insurance
  • Networking Lunch, Capitol Hill Club
    • The Award of the Bigelow Prize
  • Session IV, Hearing from the Private-Public Partnership
    • Business Panel
    • Advocacy Panel
    • Academia Panel
    • Government Panel
  • Session V, Next Year's Agenda and Expectations

The third in a conference series to report on the progress made to overcome the barriers and remove the obstacles for establishing profit making Space Travel and Tourism businesses, hear from the various elements of the Space Tourism private-public partnership, and assess the overall strategy for achieving success.

Principals from both the private and public sectors including those from the Travel and Tourism, Aerospace, Finance, and Insurance industries; and those from Federal, state and local government offices, who have the responsibility for development of commercial space, should plan to attend this conference........... As always, members of the General Public are invited.

Conference Program


Email sta4space@aol.com or call 703-671-4116 for more information.
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Peter Wainwright 11 June 2001
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