2 April 2001
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New Transcost Handbook Available
Statistical-Analytical model now up to version 7
by Peter Wainwright
Dietrich Koelle of TransCostSystems has announced the availability of the expanded and updated version 7 of the Transcost Statistical-Analytical model. See below for details of how to receive the report by post:

Handbook of Cost Engineering for Space Transportation Systems
with TRANSCOST 7.0 -
The Statistical-Analytical Cost Model

The TRANSCOST-Model has been updated and greatly expanded to a Handbook and design tool for Future Launch Systems. It is the only document dedicated explicitly to cost-optimized vehicle design, production and operation of launch systems, based on a 40-year data file.

Expendable launch vehicles as well as different options of Reusable Vehicle concepts (RLVs) are covered in this 227-page-Report (up from 143 pages of the last TRANSCOST-6 Report from 1995 ).

Life-Cycle Cost, Space Tourism, Earth-Moon Transportation, Launch Systems with Scramjet-Propulsion, Demonstrator Vehicles and a Glossary have been added as new chapters. The CERs have been updated and improved by new reference data. Spread Sheets for easy calculation of "Cost-per-Flight" have been added.

  1. Cost Engineering Principles and Cost Model Rationale
  2. Development Cost or Non-Recurring Cost
  3. Unit Production Cost or Recurring Cost
  4. Ground and Flight Operations Cost
  5. Cost per Flight (CpF), Specific Transportation Cost and Life-Cycle Cost
  6. Cost Engineering Applications/Examples
  7. List of References, Literature

227 Pages, 155 Figs.and Charts, 26 Tables, 118 References

The price of the Report is 54 Euros in Europe (surface mail) and 65.00 USD for USA and other overseas countries including mailing charge and fees (airmail delivery).

For more information, contact:

D-85521 Ottobrunn, Germany, Liebigweg10
Phone/Fax: +49 896091677
E-mail: dekoelle@transcost.com.
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Peter Wainwright 2 April 2001
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