26 March 2001
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Return to the Moon III - Call for Papers
Lunar Development Conference, July 19-21, 2001
by Peter Wainwright
Press Release


July 19 - 21, 2001
Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

Call for Papers

The Space Frontier Foundation is soliciting abstracts on any topic pertinent to the establishment and operation of a permanent lunar settlement. Paper topics may include, but are not limited to, transportation, habitat and architecture, business and economics, materials, human factors, and policy.

We believe that the only way to develop a sustainable lunar settlement is to blend the needs of the public and private sectors, thus softening the bottom line for the private sector while meeting the needs of government programs. Examples include integrating the requirements of a government planetary training/testing facility for astronauts with those of commercial He3 miners and entertainment operators, sharing common transportation development costs and infrastructure, or using government data purchase to help fund commercial exploration missions.

To focus and facilitate discussion, all papers must conform
to the following baseline assumptions:

  • The settlement will be a public - private venture
  • Activities to include mining (He3 and minerals), far-side research support, missions training site, tourism, etc.
  • Settlement to support at least 30 people
  • Habitat location may be either polar or non-polar
  • Existing technologies only, including launch vehicles currently in development and production
  • Payloads to lunar transfer orbit not to exceed 28,000 lbs per trans-lunar injection
  • The settlement will be operational by 2020

Abstract submissions shall be:

  1. No longer than 1000 words, and provide an outline of a presentation on ideas or technology developed within the last ten years, and a brief biography of the presenter (not to be counted as part of the 1000 word limit).

  2. Submitted on or before May 4, 2001 by email to: RTM3@space-frontier.org or by postal mail (either in hard copy or on diskette, Microsoft Word please) to:

    Space Frontier Foundation
    11350 Ventura Blvd. Suite 100
    Studio City, CA 91604
    Attn: RTM III - Abstracts

  3. Selected by a panel experts based on compliance with the baseline assumptions and likelihood to promote discussion during the workshop sessions. Offers to speak will be issued by June 8, 2001.

For more information, please see
http://www.space-frontier.org/Projects/Moon/ldc2001.html or contact us at the submission email address.
Source: Space Frontier Foundation

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Peter Wainwright 26 March 2001
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