13 October 2000
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First Public Space Tourism Meeting In France
French Space Agency Finally Uses the 'T Word' (with an 'e')
by Patrick Collins
Well, it happens to everyone eventually.

There will be a meeting on space tourism (Tourisme Spatial) in the salle Espace at the French space agency, CNES* in Paris on Friday October 20, from 13.30 to 18.00.

Entry is free to anyone, but places are limited so you need to contact them:
Tel: (01 39 06 34 23), Fax: (01 39 06 36 15),
E: secr.exec@aaaf.asso.fr
Speakers will include Philippe Willekens from ESA and Hartmut Mueller from Astrium (who organised the world's first international space tourism symposium in Bremen back in early 1997, and the world's second in 1999).

To date, the French space industry has been the least receptive to space tourism of any country, and so this meeting is potentially of considerable interest. Space Future looks forward to receiving a report from one or more attendees.

*2 place Maurice Quentin, Paris. Les Halles metro station.
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Patrick Collins 13 October 2000
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