7 November 1998
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C-SPAN: A Space Odyssey: Past, Present and Future
On C-SPAN 1, Saturday, 11/07/98 at 08:40pm to 10:15pm ET or 05:40pm to
07:15pm PT, a forum titled 'A Space Odyssey: Past, Present and Future'
was presented sponsored by the Mary Washington College,
Fredericksburg, VA. Guest speakers include former Astronaut Guy
Bluford, former Mercury-7 Astronaut Scott Carpenter and former NASA
Mars Pathfinder Manager Donna Shirley.

Ms. Shirley had some very good things to say about emerging commercial
launch companies. Scott Carpenter gave the X-Prize Foundation a plug.
And space tourism was discussed as an inevitability.

To be repeated on C-SPAN 1 at 11:15pm to 12:50am ET 08:15pm to
09:50pm PT today, Saturday, and at 05:27am to 07:02am ET 02:27am to
04:02am PT early Sunday morning, and at 03:07pm to 04:42pm ET 12:07pm
to 01:42pm PT Sunday afternoon.
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7 November 1998
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