14 October 1998
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Space Tourism Features in Time Magazine Article
"The idea of space tourism is suddenly hot."
by Patrick Collins
Under the headline "Vacations in Orbit" journalist Jeffrey Kluger subtitled Time magazine's first article on the recent activities aimed at realising space tourism "Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin has flown in space twice. Now he's hoping to send you there too."

Slight variants of the article appeared in different national editions of the September 28 issue of Time magazine, but all referred to the $10 million X Prize for the first piloted flights to reach an altitude of 100 kilometres.

However, most of the piece was devoted to Buzz Aldrin's work in promoting space tourism, and to "ShareSpace", the non-profit organisation that he has founded to promote a global lottery to help raise funds for a range of space tourism development projects.

Without opining how soon space tourism may be realised, the article ends "The old way of doing things got Aldrin into space. It will take a whole new way to get everyone else there."
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Patrick Collins 14 October 1998
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