3 February 1998
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Kistler Salutes Walter Kistler and Bob Citron
Board Members Who Helped Create Kistler Vision Step Down
LOS ANGELES - Jan. 9, 1998 - Kistler Aerospace today announced that Walter Kistler (age 79), chairman emeritus, and Bob Citron (age 65) two early pioneers of the commercialization of space who co-founded the company, are stepping down from its board of directors to make room for new members who have agreed to join the Kistler Board. Both will continue to work with Kistler as advisors in a variety of capacities.

"Bob and Walter are two innovators in the commercialization of space whose dreams, counsel and experience have been invaluable to Kistler," said Robert Wang, chairman of Kistler's board of directors. "Walter and Bob's original vision to create a low cost reusable vehicle to service the commercial space business is now being implemented and is moving towards becoming a reality."

In 1957, Walter Kistler formed his own company, Kistler Instruments Corporation, which became a world leader in the development of quartz sensors. He holds patents for more than 50 inventions. In 1970, Mr. Kistler co-founded Kistler-Morse Corporation in Seattle, Washington to design and manufacture scientific instruments. Fifteen years later, Mr. Kistler became the first investor, and eventually, a director, of SPACEHAB, Inc., a company that has since developed the world's first commercial space research laboratories used aboard the Space Shuttle.

Kistler Aerospace's second founder, Bob Citron was president of the company from its inception in 1993 to 1996. After spending 20 years with the Smithsonian Institution Astrophysical Observatory managing a series of space research projects under contracts from NASA, Mr. Citron founded several successful companies in the fields of global communications, scientific field research, publishing and commercial space development. He founded SPACEHAB, Inc. in 1983.

"The company has benefited tremendously from Bob's rich background in space ventures," Wang said. "Bob will continue to be my advisor and a great ally for Kistler."

Kistler Aerospace is the developer of the K-1 fully reusable aerospace vehicle, designed to deliver satellites to low-earth orbit and provide a low cost alternative to single-use launch vehicles. Kistler is a privately-funded U.S. company with corporate offices in Kirkland, Wash. and executive offices in Los Angeles.

Janie Toll
Ketchum Public Relations
Source: Kistler Aerospace

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3 February 1998
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