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Published:December 1995
Author: H Wichman
Origin:Proceedings of the 6th International Space Conference of Pacific Basin Societies (ISCOPS), 6-8 December 1995, AAS Vol. 91 Paper No. AAS 95-604
Abstract:This paper addresses some of the human factors considerations involved in the design of two passenger compartments for the McDonnel Douglas Delta Clipper reusable rocket. One passenger compartment was designed for four-day orbital flights and one for suborbital flights of less than an hour duration. After the vehicle is described, civilian passenger issues specific to both orbital and suborbital rocket flights are addressed. Social, environmental and ergonomic differences between long-duration airliner flight and orbital rocket flight are characterized and solutions are suggested for a number of the problems that are specific to space tourism. This work clarifies the need for engineers and psychologists to work together as integrated elements of design teams in order to develop effective environments for civilian space travel.
  • Proposal for the McDonnell Douglas Delta Clipper Program
  • Delta Clipper Program Report: Suborbital Flight and Public Attitudes
  • Ergonomics of an Orbital Rocket Passenger Compartment
  • Ergonomics of a Suborbital Rocket Passenger Compartment
  • Psychological Issues for Future Civilian Space Passengers
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