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The Space Show Newsletter
Who's On The Space Show This Week
Oct. 15, 2007-
Programming For The Week Of Oct. 15, 2007:

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Programming For The Week Of Oct. 15, 2007:
1. Monday, Oct. 15, 2007, 2-3:30 PM Pacific: David Urie is back with us for this program. He was the head of the Rocketplane Kistler engineering team and is now a space consultant. Read his full bio on the website newsletter.

2. SPECIAL TIME: Tuesday, Oct. 16 2007, 3-4:30 PM Pacific: Dr. Paul Mueller of Utah State University and students James and Bryan join us regarding student launch and rocket competition and programs.

3. Thursday, Oct. 18, 2007, 2-3:30 Pacific: Frank Sietzen, noted journalist and author joins us for space news talk.

4. Friday, Oct. 19 2007, 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific: LtCol. Paul Damphousse (USMC) with the NSSO will be with us to discuss the new Space Based Solar Power report recently made public as well as the Marine Space Transport Vehicle.

5. Sunday, Oct. 21, 2007: 12-1:30 PM PDT: Dr. Jordi Puig-Suari, advisor of the cube sat program at Cal Poly for the past 7 years is the guest.

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