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This is obviously something we want to participate in and get the results.
Gail Leatherwood
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Sunday, November 28, 2004

To Oregon L5 "Usual Suspects" and other Friends:

In response to my email query about this survey, Bruce Paggeot writes:

I would appreciate it if you could forward the survey link to your international mailing list. The more participants with knowledge in the space arena can only make the survey results better.

I take it from this you may freely distribute this notice to others you think might be interested.

To anyone who may receive more than one copy because of this, please forgive us, congratulate yourself on being so well-connected, and only fill out the survey once. It can be done in under ten minutes.

Thanks to all who help make this survey more representative and more valid.

Bryce Walden, E-Mail List Manager
Oregon L5 Society, Inc.

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Date: 2004 November 17  23:54:41 PST
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Subject: Space Tourism International Governance Survey

Dear  Mr. Walden,

My co-Authors and I are currently pursuing a Masters degree in Space Studies at the University of North Dakota. To fulfill a portion of the course requirements for "Space Policy & International Implications" we are conducting a survey to assess international governance issues relating to space tourism. As a key player in this new exciting field we would be honored if you would participate. The complete the survey should take around 10-15 minutes. We would gladly provide a copy of the report based upon the survey results if you so request. Details of the survey are shown below. The survey can be accessed at:


Best Regards,

Bruce Paggeot

As the nascent space tourism industry continues to expand, there is a potential for issue areas to emerge that can not be resolved by laws or procedures of any individual country. The purpose of this survey is gauge expert opinion concerning some of these potential issues. As a recognized expert in the field, your input will greatly enhance the validity of the overall survey results. The survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete.

The survey has five components. The first section will collect brief demographic information about the survey participants. The second section will consist of general questions relating to space tourism and international law. The remaining sections will address the international issues of space tourism through three regime types: Free Access, Free Use, and Free Access & Use. Results of the survey will then be analyzed to determine the current expert opinion concerning the most appropriate international regime for handling space tourism issues.

This survey is being conducted to fulfill the project requirements of the course Space Policy & International Implications. This course is offered by the Space Studies department of the University of North Dakota. For more information of the Space Studies program at UND please visit www.space.edu.

If you should have any questions regarding this survey or would like to receive a copy of the final report based upon the survey results, please send an email to one of the authors or the supervising professor listed below:

Bruce Paggeot - bruce.paggeot@xxxxxxx
James Fisher - james.fisher@xxxxxxx
Patrick Stoffel - patrick.stoffel@xxxxxxx

Supervising Professor:
Dr. Eligar Sadeh - sadeh@xxxxxxxxx


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