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I am sorry, but I forgot to attach the file in the earlier message. Attach is the file.

Bests regards,


At 13:27 6/4/2005 +0200, you wrote:
Hi Jon,

your pdf file is now reachable from the following addresses:
- - English home page of TdF, the high-right corner (new frame for students) - or, you can also go directly to the page, including a row with instructions for people who want to reply to teh questionnaire.

For my previous experience with online questionnaires: people is normally very lazy! If they have to print your pdf file and send it to you via snail mail, I'm afraid you will get _very_very_very_few answers. Suggest to switch to an excel file: enough to fill it and send it back via email; then you will get very_few answers (:-).

I wish you the best for your work and graduation! (in bocca al lupo!)


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Hello Adriano,

Attached is the PDF of the survey.  It is very kind of you to provide the
hosting for the survey, although I could have done this myself on my
personal website.  I will be looking forward to the address from where
participants may download the survey.

Best regards,

Jon Fox
Dayton, Nevada, USA

At 18:18 6/3/2005 +0200, you wrote:
Hello Jon,

please send your survey to me.
I will put it online on the Technologies of the Frontier web site
( ).
Then you can refer to the address I will give you, to ask your target to
download the survey, answer the questions, and send it back to you.
It is also possible that someone of the TdF daily visitors will decide to
answer to the questionnaire (I will give a good visibility to it).
But you're better to rely most on your direct promotion, using TdF web
site as a support, hosting your file.

I hope the above can help.

All the best

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Subject: Survey for graduate project


I am working on a graduate research project the involves a survey on
potential fears the public may have about traveling into space, and the
experiences that the public may want to have during a sub-orbital flight.

This question is primarily addressed to the list administrator, but I
would appreciate feedback from list members.

My question is:  Would it be permissible to post a link to a PDF of the
survey, and ask any interested parties to download the survey, fill out
the responses, and have the completed survey mailed to me?

Thank you for your assistance.


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