Re: British Airways Space Tourism Commercial

From COLLINS Patrick <patrick.collins@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2000 12:04:06 +0900

Oh, oh, oh!  Sounds neat!  :-)

If someone could make a copy of it?
(You can find out when it will next air
by calling BA or their advertising co.)


Mark Reiff wrote:
> Did anyone see the recent British Airways
> commercial on ABC Sports at about 4:30PM Saturday 23 July?  It features
> an American astronaut complaining to a Russian cosmonaut about their
> space food and then it cuts away to a pair of British spaceplane pilots
> enjoying a delicious
> snack as they head back to Earth.  The impression
> left is that the British will do space in style.
> Since this appeared during the live coverage of Tiger Woods winning the
> British Open (and the PGA Grand Slam - 4 major tournaments in one year),
> Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France and the Detroit 500 CART
> race.  A lot of people saw this commercial.
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