Starchaser X-Prize Contender Test Flight

From Mark Reiff <markreiff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 00:00:54 -0500


"X-Prize Contender Set for Test Flight Thursday"

: A British executive involved in a $10 million
: contest to put humans in space is set to launch
: the uppermost part of his rocket in a test
: flight Thursday.

: Although Thursday's launch, if successful, would
: be Bennet's first multi-stage lift-off, it won
: the financial backing from computer giant
: Microsoft and the Discovery Channel.

This is quite significant in itself.

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"Man On A Mission"
New Scientist Interview With
Jeff Manber, president of MirCorp

A link to this interesting interview article and
excerpts from it can be found on my Yahoo Space
Chamber of Commerce forum at:

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