Re: Inexcusable Policy - {Was: Re: Red Tape For SpaceShipTwo}

From Xenophile <xenophile2002@xxxxxxxxx>
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2005 12:56:17 -0700 (PDT)
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--- Mark Reiff wrote:

> Apparently some have a problem with accepting facts
> when it gets in the way of ideology.

I agree.

> Even though the Clinton Administration created this
> mess,

Whenever I see somebody respond to every problem with
"IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!" I am skeptical.  I am also
skeptical when the auto-response is "IT'S CLINTON'S
FAULT!"  Clinton-blaming made a bit more sense when he
was actually President, and Bush-blaming will make a
little less sense in five years.

> the current Bush Administration will eventually
> resolve it, when Congress gets around to doing their
> job.

So why don't they?  They hold all the majorities. 
Their guy is in the White House.  The tendency of
Congress to grandstand on things (dirty song lyrics,
Terry Schiavo) instead of getting things done is about
as "bi-partisan" as anything in Washington has ever

> Remember we now have Dr. Condi Rice taking a roto-
> rooter to the State dept., so look for things to

Ah, yes.  Dr. "Nobody could have imagined" Rice.  Gee,
I feel better now.  Would Albright have been any
better?  I don't know.

> improve in tech transfer, when she gets done solving
> the other pressing World problems.

Which means it could take a while.  As in forever.

> Unlike the last Administration, we now have
> responsible adults in charge that are used to
> solving problems rather than causing them.

Yeah.  They've done a great job so far.  Just when you
thought nobody could do a worse job on space than the

> Also, in case you didn't notice, the importance of
> national security and keeping military technology
> out of the hands of the bad guys increased a wee bit
> after Sept. 11, 2001.

Ah, yes.  Whenever Bush is questioned, invoke 9/11. 
And besides, you said it was Clinton's fault, and
Clinton was gone before 9/11 happened.  Can't have it
both ways.

Name me one Democratic president since Johnson who has
done diddle-squat for space.  Name me one Republican
president since Reagan who has done diddle-squat for
space.  Doing diddle-squat (or less) is a bi-partisan
failing.  Just because somebody has an "R" or a "D"
after their name doesn't make them right.

A pox on both their houses.

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