29 July 2012
Added "Space Debris and Its Mitigation" to the archive.
16 July 2012
Space Future has been on something of a hiatus of late. With the concept of Space Tourism steadily increasing in acceptance, and the advances of commercial space, much of our purpose could be said to be achieved. But this industry is still nascent, and there's much to do. So...watch this space.
9 December 2010
Updated "What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" to the 2009 revision.
7 December 2008
"What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" is now the top entry on Space Future's Key Documents list.
30 November 2008
Added Lynx to the Vehicle Designs page.
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Events / Habitat (Good)
26 June 2011 by Carol Pinchefsky
The Space Renaissance in 2011
The Space Renaissance International (SRI) has held their inaugural congress live on Skype and included over 100 space development advocates from around the world.
News / Habitat (Ugly)
15 July 2010 by Carol Pinchefsky
Senate approves modified version of Authorization Act
Sadly, the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, which determines NASA’s policy, was passed by the senate today, heavily altered from Obama’s proposal in February in one key crucial area. Section 403 highlights the problem with the act--there will be no commercial crew development of space in 2011; commercial development of space is limited to cargo, but only in 2012:
Announcements / Habitat (Good)
28 June 2010 by Carol Pinchefsky
Cooperation in. Unilateralism out. Prospects for commerce up.
by Peter Wainwright and Carol Pinchefsky
Announcements / Habitat (Good)
2 June 2008 by Carol Pinchefsky
World peace through space tourism
By Carol Pinchefsky
News / Habitat (Strange)
2 June 2008 by Carol Pinchefsky
Sapporo makes space beer
Sapporo Breweries, the Japanese beermaker established in 1876, is bringing beer into the 21st century. The new brew: beer made from barley descended from seeds that spent five months on the International Space Station ( ISS).
News / Habitat (None)
21 February 2008 by Carol Pinchefsky
(No fish harmed in the making of this experiment)
by Carol Pinchefsky
Announcements / Habitat (Good)
13 November 2006 by Carol Pinchefsky
Trying to amend the E.U. constitution
Space Future's Dr. Patrick Collins and Technologies of the Frontier's Adriano Autino have created an initiative to amend the European Union Constitution. As a draft, the wording of the initiative may change, but the meaning will remain: a plea to the E.U. nations to give its citizens the right to travel to space.
Online / Habitat (Good)
5 December 2003 by Carol Pinchefsky
Let me build among the stars
by Carol Pinchefsky
/ Habitat (None)
22 December 2001 by Carol Pinchefsky
A debate
By Alan Breakstone and Patrick Collins
News / Habitat (Good)
5 September 2001 by Carol Pinchefsky
Space Tourism To Get Destination
Amsterdam-based MirCorp and Russia's Energiya have signed a deal to build and launch a commercial space station. This tourist destination will replace Mir, the Russian space station that almost-but-not-quite accepted paying guests before it was nudged into the atmosphere.
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