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29 July 2012
Added "Space Debris and Its Mitigation" to the archive.
16 July 2012
Space Future has been on something of a hiatus of late. With the concept of Space Tourism steadily increasing in acceptance, and the advances of commercial space, much of our purpose could be said to be achieved. But this industry is still nascent, and there's much to do. So...watch this space.
9 December 2010
Updated "What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" to the 2009 revision.
7 December 2008
"What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" is now the top entry on Space Future's Key Documents list.
30 November 2008
Added Lynx to the Vehicle Designs page.
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30 July 2001 by Carol Pinchefsky
Creating Support for Space through Public Awareness
By Radik Kagirov
Features / Vehicles (None)
17 October 2000 by
Where Space Access Is At Now and Why
After the Apollo missions, many expected Moon bases, manned Mars missions and, of course, floating wheel-like Space Stations. However that future has not yet transpired. So when will Joe and Jane Everyman get into orbit? In the years following the Apollo space program, a gradual evolution of NASA (and otherworld space agencies and programs) has been in progress. What started out as a politically motivated space race has now evolved into a slow, steady outward expansion and consolidation of government and commercial space activities. From the multibillion dollar data, voice, television, GPS navigation satellite services to privately developed expendable rockets and space cargo, the private sector has commercialized many aspects that were once the sole domain of government space agencies.
Features / Habitat (None)
1 June 2000 by Peter Wainwright
by Michelle Mackay
Features / Habitat (None)
21 April 2000 by Peter Wainwright
by Michelle Mackay
Features / Tourism (None)
30 March 2000 by Patrick Collins
Proof of NASA's bad faith to US taxpayers
It is now more than 6 months since Mr Goldin promised in front of a plenary session of the 1999 Space Frontier Foundation Conference to put NASA's space tourism report on NASA's web-site. But he has still not done so.
Features / Tourism (Bad)
22 December 1999 by Patrick Collins
Space Tourism Report still not on NASA website
Mr Goldin has yet to keep the promise he made before a crowded session of the Space Frontier Foundation Conference on September 24 - that he would put the historic NASA/STA report 'General Public Space Travel and Tourism' on space tourism on the NASA website.
Features / Other (None)
2 March 1999 by Sam Coniglio
Winds of Change in Mojave
The winds of change blew into the Mojave Airport in southern California today. Hundreds of invited guests and reporters cheered as the ROTON Atmospheric Test Vehicle rolled out of Rotary Rocket Companyís High Bay. The high winds threatened to put a damper on the rollout, but extra water was put in the fuel tanks to keep the all-composite vehicle from having a premature flight test.
Features / General (Good)
28 December 1998 by Patrick Collins
Knowing as we do that passenger space travel, and particularly space tourism, is going to become the largest, economically most important activity in space, we are pleased to recognise that 1998 has been an exceptionally good year, with a number of key successes.
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