13 June 2008
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Space Video Competition
YouTube superstardom and cash prizes await
by Carol Pinchefsky

The Space Frontier Foundation and SpaceContest.org are co-sponsoring the “Space VidVision Contest.” Entrants have until July 8, 2008, to create a video response to the question, “What should the future of American spaceflight be?”

Your videos must run less than 3 minutes and must be in English. Entrants can submit multiple times. The first-prize winner takes home $2,000; the second-prize winner gets $1,000; the third-prize winner receives $500.

The contest is the brainchild of pro-space activist Greg Zsidisin, who then partnered with the Space Frontier Foundation, a space advocacy group. Will Watson, executive director of the Space Frontier Foundation, said by email, “We started this contest to help popularize the conversation about space [and], in particular, to provide individuals an outlet for their opinions to be heard.... Although I'm certain some Baby Boomers & Gen Xers will submit videos, I envision this contest as an excellent way to gauge which space ventures will inspire the net-savvy Gen Y.”

So how will the Space Frontier Foundation board and the leadership of SpaceContest.org choose a winner? “We will not choose a winner based on our own opinions, but select the video that presents the clearest argument[. V]ideo production creativity, if used effectively as a tool to explain a stance, may also be an advantage.”

Entries must not only be creative and interesting—they must also be more creative and interesting than the staff of SpaceFuture, who plan on entering. And winning.

Watson says the competition will be the first of many, with different questions used as talking points for conversations about space. “I believe this project has the potential of becoming a phenomenon that opens a new way of sharing & popularizing opinions about the space industry as a whole.”

For more information, see SpaceContest.org.

See you in the winner’s circle.
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Carol Pinchefsky 13 June 2008
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