27 June 2004
Announcements - Power (Good)
International Space Solar Power Conference Being Held in Granada
June 30 through July 2
by Patrick Collins
For the first time since the Paris conference in 1991, an international conference on space solar power is being held in Europe, sponsored primarily by the European Space Agency, ESA.

The web-site is here from which the initial introduction is as follows:

"The last SPS conference ( SPS'97) took place in Montreal (CDN) in 1997. Since then, much progress has been made in the Europe (e.g. European Sail Tower Concept, wireless power transmission experiments in France) in the US (e.g. Fresh Look Study, SERT Programme) and in Japan (e.g. SPS2000, Sandwich structure). Based on this progress and the ongoing work within the European SPS Programme, the conference intends to bring together international researchers in the field of solar power plants and wireless power transmission. A special focus of the conference will be on the integration of space and terrestrial solar power solutions. The conference is thus the first time explicitly extended to the terrestrial solar power plant research community."
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Patrick Collins 27 June 2004
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