28 February 2001
News - Tourism (Good)
Buzz Aldrin and Arthur C Clarke Endorse Space Tourism
by Patrick Collins
Under the title "Money Could Buy Next Giant Leap In Space, Aldrin Says", Reuters' Dayan Candappa reported a meeting between Buzz Aldrin and Arthur C Clarke in which they agreed that space tourism is IT.

As reported in Space.com Aldrin, founder of ShareSpace, and a staunch supporter of space tourism over the past few years, said "The immediate future of space travel depends on the ability of private citizens to get into space as paying tourists". He also said "We will soon have cheaper, safer rockets that can be used again and again to cater to... tourists," and that a "...whole new industry" would develop around space adventure travel in the next 10-12 years.

In his turn, Clarke agreed that space tourism would be "...the next big leisure activity of our species."

Quite so! We at Space Future are delighted at this whole-hearted endorsement by such well-known figures in the field of space for what we have been saying for years.
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Patrick Collins 28 February 2001
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