12 July 2000
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Lunacorp Inc Announces First Corporate Sponsor
First Ever Virtual Space Tourism Project Gets into Gear
by Patrick Collins
On June 15, LunaCorp announced that Radioshack had become its first corporate sponsor. Lunacorp has been working for more than 10 years to put together a commercial lunar rover project, from which real-time 360-degree video would be transmitted back to viewers on Earth, and which would even allow selected guests to drive its rover from motion-simulators through two-way communications links.

As the years passed, the Internet was invented and Lunacorp's offering evolved - providing better virtual reality experience for more customers with greater inter-activity at lower cost - and it has now finally hit pay-dirt with a Fortune 500 sponsor. With luck this will open the way for Lunacorp to put together the full financing that it needs to carry out its path-breaking mission.

For more details see the Lunacorp website.
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Patrick Collins 12 July 2000
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