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Published:October 2001
  • Joe Hopkins
  • Dana Andrews
  • Jason Andrews
Origin:IAA-01-IAA-1-3-05. Presented at 52nd IAF Congress, Toulouse, France, 1 October 2001
Abstract:The commercial LEO Passenger Travel market is becoming real and is beginning to exert a "pull" for products to supply LEO passenger transportation and infrastructure services. The number of companies demanding transportation and infrastructure services is steadily growing. Early passenger loads can be expected to be a mix of business travelers, adventure travelers, as well as crew traveling to the space station. Review of the technical requirements for commercial LEO Passenger Travel have found them to be partially or wholly within the domain of NASA's crew access to space station technical requirements, though often business and operational requirements may conflict. This paper will summarize some of the key requirements which need to be addressed to enable safe, commercial, reliable, affordable passenger access to LEO. The paper will touch on the regulatory and economic factors associated with achieving those requirements. A customer driven Future Space Transportation Architecture (FSTAR) derived from the requirements is presented.
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