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Origin:AIAA 2003-0909. January 2003 (Revised April 2003)
Abstract:An overview of every significant method of launch and recovery for manned sub-orbital Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLV) is presented here. We have categorized launch methods as vertical takeoff, horizontal takeoff, and air launch. Recovery methods are categorized as wings, aerodynamic decelerators, rockets, and rotors. We conclude that both vertical takeoff and some air launch methods are viable means of attaining sub-orbital altitudes and wings and aerodynamic decelerators are viable methods for recovery. These conclusions are based on statistical methods using historical data coupled with time-stepped integration of the trajectory equations of motion. Based on the additional factors of safety, customer acceptance, and affordability, we also conclude that the preferred architecture for a manned sub-orbital RLV is Vertical Takeoff using hybrid rocket motor propulsion and winged un-powered Horizontal Landing onto a runway (VTHL).
  • Space Propulsion Analysis and Design
  • Future Space Transportation Systems and Launch Vehicles
  • Rocket Fighter
  • Lockheed NF-104 Aerospace Trainer
  • Republic XF-91 Thunderceptor Rocket Fighter
  • The Saga of SR 53
  • Trident, the Saga of the Unbeatable French Rocket Fighter
  • A Study of Air Launch Methods for RLVs
  • Parachute Recovery Systems Design Manual
  • Flight Testing the Parachute System for the Space Station Crew Return Vehicle
  • Guidance and Control for FlatCircular Parachutes
  • Rotor Landing Recovery Methods and 1/8 scale subsonic flight tests
  • From Earth to Orbit
  • Special Section: X-34
  • Hazard Analysis of Commercial Space Transportation
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Keywords:Vehicles:Designs , Vehicles:Operations
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